Arab Students' Attitudes toward English for Islamic Da'wa purposes


رسالة الخطأ

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Dr. Mohammed A. Zaid
Abstract—Of late much debate has risen as regards the ethical and religious use of English for Islamic Da‟wa purposes (EIDP), yet little is known about English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students' attitudes towards EIDP. The purpose of this grounded theory study was to discover and describe Arabian EFL students' perceptions of English courses offered for Islamic propagation purposes and the role of culture therein. Data were collected using semi-structured qualitative interviews with participants currently attending EIDP classes in the Abha city of Asir Province, KSA, in foreign communities Da‟wa Centres. The researcher concluded that students perceived EIDP courses as a potentially attractive alternative to traditional ESP courses, especially for students enrolled in Islamic colleges or institutions related to Da‟wa. The findings of this study will contribute to a greater understanding of students' perspectives, which will help ESP educators in better meeting EFL students‟ needs.