Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee, we have the pleasure to warmly welcome you to the national symposium on “Present and Future of English in Saudi Arabia: Research Concerns” which is organized by the College of Languages and Translation, King Khalid University. This symposium will be held at Abha during 25-26/12/1435 corresponding to 19-20/10/2014. The symposium shall include presentations to be given by distinguished speakers from Saudi universities ant it will focus on the following themes:

  • Language, literature and methodology
  • Language and culture
  • Language planning and the ELT curriculum
  • Language learning and technology


We look forward to welcoming you at the lovely city of Abha.

ندوة وطنيت حول
حاضر ومستقبم انهغت الإنجهيزيت
في انممهكت انعربيت انسعوديت: اهتماماث بحثيت

Dr. Justin Sfariac
ITERARY criticism at the beginning of the twenty-first century seems to be in a situation of crisis. A crisis that affects not only... more

Dr. Abdul Wahid Al-Zumor
Abstract—This review study is intended to examine the Applied Linguistics research output of the faculty members at King Khalid University during... more

Dr. Mohammed A. Zaid
Abstract—Of late much debate has risen as regards the ethical and religious use of English for Islamic Da‟wa purposes (EIDP), yet little is known about... more

Dr. Mihaita Horezeanu
N everyday life we do not only speak a certain language to communicate our ideas, intentions, feelings, etc. but also speak about... more

Dr. Emad Al-Tamari
Abstract— The purpose of the paper is twofold. Firstly, it investigates Saudi students’ attitudes toward native and nonnative English language instructors... more

Dr. Syed M. Faruk
Abstract—This paper investigates the cultural patterns in which English was contextualized in Saudi English textbooks published during the last 33 years... more

Dr. Abdulaziz Ibraheem Fageeh
Abstract— The study explored whether CPBI is effective in helping Saudi ESP learners improve their language skills and attitudes towards... more

Dr. James Dean Brown
Abstract— This speech examines the assumptions that underlie traditional curriculum development practices and compares them to the ideas of World... more

Dr. Mohamed Amin Mekheimer
ISTENING comprehension is an important language skill that has emerged as a distinct and important ESL / EFL skill, thus... more